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Vocabulicious - Sesame Street Podcast That Teaches Vocabulary to Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

When I was young I remember Sesame Street teaching me the letter and number of the day.  Well as I have been watching children's programming along with my daughters, I have come to notice one thing: everyone has stepped their game up!  It seems that almost every show that children watch today attempts to infuse some aspects of early math or literacy.  One program that will always remain a classic is Sesame Street.  I love that they have short ten minute podcasts that highlight new and engaging ways to teach children vocabulary.


In each episode Murry interviews people in the city regarding a new vocabulary word.  Then another Muppet usually interacts with a celebrity as they explore what that word means to them.  Mixed in are some classic clips from past Sesame Street episodes that apply to the word of the day.

The episodes are always entertaining and they allow for further conversation with the child's parent regarding each word.  I love that they are FREE to download and can be added to your child's portable tablet, watched from your computer, or burned to a DVD.  For up to date videos, subscribe to the Sesame Street Podcast on iTunes.

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