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Bath Time Literacy

Looking for ways to encourage literacy and have fun while doing it?  I love working on literacy in the bath tub!  It is engaging, entertaining and the kids enjoy it.  For toddlers just learning their alphabet and letter sounds bath letters are a great start. Try mixing all the letters in the tub and then have you child find the letter "B." If you have a set of upper case and lower case letters have your baby match them.  Bath letters also come in a variety of bright colors so you can work on matching colors as well.

Once your child is ready to begin reading, look for these bath time words cards.  These are a great addition to the letters.  Pick out a letter, like the letter "C" and ask your child to find all the words cards that begin with the letter "C."

These word cards come in two packs, one for girls and one for boys. We have both packs, hey more words for us.  No worries about colors here!  It's all about reading :) 
Lastly, if you haven't picked up a good bedtime book lately, try a bath book.  These are great for reading a bedtime/bath time story, or if your child is able, have them read to you in the bath tub!  I have seen so many of these cute books for only 1 dollar!  They make reading fun.

Are there any other ways you promote literacy in the bath tub?  Please share.

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