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Happy National Library Week-5 things I love About the Library

In honor of National Library Week I want to share five things I love about the library.  

1. Events and Activities
From story time to magic shows to yoga and science activities, libraries are doing great things for children and adults.  

2. Placing holds from libraries across the city
Very often the books I want are not at my local branch, I love being able to place holds and have them delivered to my local library from all across the city and/or county.

3. Digital resources
Kudos to libraries all across the nation for stepping their game up and offering the ability to check out e-books, streaming video, download music and more.  

4. Awesome librarians
Librarians are the cornerstone of the library, having someone there to help with research, find the right book, or tell you about events and resources in the community is priceless. 

5. The books!
Hello!  Who doesn’t love being surrounded by tons and tons of books?  Is it just me and my kids?  Yes I love going to the library and checking out tons of books!

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