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10 Ways to Stay Active and Fit as a Family

When you have kids sometimes it can be difficult to find time to work out.  However, working out can be an awesome family activity and great bonding time as well.  If you children are mobile enough, have them join in.  If they are younger and not mobile, put them in a stroller or baby carrier and bring them along!  Here are some activities that can be done with the whole family.  

  1. Swimming
Swimming is great for providing a low impact resistance workout.  It is a great way to increase muscular strength and muscle tone. Swimming also provides a nice environment for those with asthma, since you are around moist air, the risk of having exercise induced asthma symptoms is reduced.
  1. Bike Riding
Bike riding can be fun.  For infants and toddlers not able to keep up with mommy and daddy, try adding a bike seat or a bike trailer so the babies can come along for the ride while mommy and daddy burn calories.  For older children, make sure they have a helmet and bring them along for the ride.  
  1. Dance Party
No need to go anywhere.  Get a music playlist that lasts at least 30 minutes and party!  Turn on some music and start dancing! Dancing can burn lots of calories, and it is a great way to bond with your kids as well.  Have a little fun with it, and turn off the lights and give everyone some glowsticks!  Wave them around in the air.  My kids love dancing with glowsticks.   If you need a routine, check out some youtube videos for an easy dance tutorial.
  1. Hiking
Hiking is a wonderful way to explore nature while breaking a sweat.  You need not climb Mount Everest, a small trail in your local park is just fine. You can bring a baby along in a baby backpack, and remember to bring enough water to stay hydrated.  Check out national parks for trails and information.  Need some inspiration?  Visit Outdoor Afro or GirlTrek!
Photo Credit: GirlTrek

  1. Walking
Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise, and kids can do it too!  Find a park, track or just walk around your neighborhood.  Make sure to walk for at least 30 minutes.  If you children are school aged, use this time to talk to them about their day at school, use walking as a bonding time as well as a workout.  
  1. Train for a 5K
Most 5K races I have participated in always have moms and dads pushing strollers.  There are even 5k races for kids.  Check out active.com for 5k and other race activities on your area.  
  1. Sports
Try playing a game of basketball, football, volleyball or soccer with your kids.  This will get their energy pumping and also teach them valuable team building skills.  You will also feel the endorphins as you demonstrate how to play the game.
  1. Tag
Play tag with your kids.  Running around and chasing mommy and daddy is lots of fun.  This is a good activity to do in the evening as well, try it out and just observe how much better they will sleep once they have had a good workout.
  1. Yoga
Yoga has benefits for parents and children.  Not only can it burn calories and help relieve stress, yoga has also been known to aid your brain in its ability to focus! You can do yoga at home with videos or at the park, beach or in a classroom setting.  Check out Kali Sampson’s youtube page for ways teaching Yoga Intervention.  My daughter loves the free Super Stretch app.  She imitates the poses she sees the kids do, so when I saw let’s do tree pose, she knows what I mean.
Photo Credit:  Tanesha
  1. Gym
If you really enjoy going to the gym, inquire with your local gyms and see if they have options for children.  Some gyms offer childcare and other have fun classes for kids to attend while parents workout. 

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