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Creative Ways to Teach Your Child to Tie Their Shoes

Learning to tie your shoes can be a fun or frustrating experience.  Keep in mind that tying shoes requires a strong set of fine motor skills.  Before you attempt to teach your child, make sure they have had plenty activities to develop their fine motor abilities.  Here are some ways to keep it fun.

1. Start by using a jump rope.  Tying a knot can be difficult for the first time if you have not had experience.  Tying a small knot can make the challenge that much more difficult,  Using a big rope to begin learning the process of tying a knot can help tremendously.

2. Make a cardboard box for your little one to practice with.

 3. Use pipe cleaners instead of laces to start out.  Pipe cleaners are more stable than loose string and may help children who are struggling with fine motor control.

4.Color half of the lace with a marker or purchase bi-colored shoe laces.

5. Sing a song while tying shoes.  Adding music can help a child remember all the steps involved.  Check out this tap and sing melody by Elmo and Savion Glover.

Also this aunt shows her niece how to tie her shoes using the bunny ear method and a song to the tine of Ferris Jaques

6. Use different types of ribbon to start out with. Allow your child to experiment tying with various sizes and textures of ribbon or string.

7. Try different methods

Push and Tie

Loop, Swoop, Pull

For right and left handed children

Super fast


8. Finally be patient and practice a lot. How did you teach your child to tie shoes? Please share.

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