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Preschool African Studies: Libya

We are continuing our study of Africa with Libya.  I couldn't find a children's picture book that was from Libya so all of our resources are non-fiction.  We began by using a cut and paste worksheet I created for my daughter.  She traced the country name and capital.  Then we used the capital city to find out what the weather was like.  We used a compass rose to find out what region of Africa Libya is in and then she colored in Libya on the map of Africa.  She choose to use yellow to circle the region and color in the country.  We also studied the Mediterranean Sea using and An Illustrated Atlas of Africa. 

I love going through this study because I am learning right along with my child.  One thing I had to explain was that our books were outdated and some information has changed.  For example in the Atlas Libya's flag was a solid green, however their current flag is red black and green.  We looked up the history of the flag online.  We then looked though Libya by Terri Willis for pictures of the people of Libya, discussed how their currency looks different from ours, and how the people of Libya dressed.  She commented on the kids wearing scarves like the adults.

To conclude today's lesson, I had my daughter read a short passages about desserts from Readworks answer the review questions and locate the Sahara desert on the map.  

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Also if you know of any fictional children's books that are from Libya, please share.    


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